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Cabbage Soup Diet Seasonings

Add this pre measured seasoning package – and your cabbage soup will taste GREAT!!
You get 18 servings in this package, which comes out to about 39 cents per serving.


Lets’ imagine, together that this is the day you are going to make your Cabbage Soup and start your diet. You have been thinking about it for a while. You finally got motivated to get your shopping list together and go pick up everything you need at the grocery store.

Just imagine – in a week you will be several pounds lighter and feeling better for it. Just the thought puts a smile on your face.

But then reality hits! You are going to have to endure a week of bland soup.

It doesn’t have to be this way – not at all! We know what it’s like to endure the bland soup for a week. Been there, done that.

And that’s why this web site even exists today.

Our goal is for you to enjoy the Cabbage Soup Diet. The only way that you are going to be able to enjoy the diet is to have soup that you will be looking forward to eating.

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Now go back to your dream that we started together – the one in which you are a few pounds lighter at the end of the week – If you are going to make it through the week on the Cabbage Soup Diet are you going to go the Bland or the Tasty route?

Let’s say that you do go out, spend the money on your cabbage soup groceries and get yourself going with Bland Cabbage Soup. You’re probably going to give up. Not because you want to, but because the soup gets pretty dull really fast.

To make matters worse – could it really get ANY worse?? .…. When you give up on the bland soup, you know it’s just going to sit in your refrigerator for a while. You are going to try and convince yourself that you will start back up…But you don’t….And the soup sits….And sits.

Your dream is not so pleasant anymore. The soup finally comes out of the refrigerator and down the disposal it goes.

Cabbage Soup Diet Time!
It’s time to start your Cabbage Soup Diet – and lose those pounds!!

The story need not end like this!

With our great tasting Cabbage Soup Seasonings package, your soup will taste great, and you’ll stay on your diet. A week from when you start, you will have lost a few pounds – And you won’t have to overload your garbage disposal with a gallon of soup.

If you want to stay on this diet, you need to have Great Tasting Cabbage Soup!

Order some Cabbage Soup Seasonings – you’ll be happy you did!…And you’ll be a few pounds lighter, too.

Be sure click here and order right now, so that you’ll have it ready for when you start!

Our Seasonings blend contains the following: salt, dehydrated garlic and onion, spices, tomato powder, paprika, yeast extract, chili pepper and citric acid.
It does NOT contain any of the following: red dye, soy, or MSG.